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  • Draw structures, reactions, and schema (e.g., biotransformation maps)
  • Generate IUPAC systematic names for molecules of up to 50 atoms and 3 ring structures
  • Predict molecular properties for individual structures (molecular weight, formula weight, density, logP, etc.)
  • Import and export structure files in a variety of standard file formats
  • Create professional reports, working with structures, text, and graphics

All prices in USD.
Windows version only (see Requirements tab below).

ACD/Spectrus Processor

  • All-in-one processing and interpretation software for NMR, LC/GC/UV/MS, IR, and other techniques
  • Support for data formats from most major instrument vendors
  • Assistance with routine chemical structure confirmation
  • Chemical structure drawing and editing
  • Sophisticated reports in one click
  • Access to commercial and corporate databases with search and view capabilities

All prices in USD.
Windows version only (see Requirements tab below).

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