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  • Draw structures, reactions, and schema
  • Generate names from molecular structure*
  • Calculate molecular properties from chemical structure
  • Create professional reports, presentations, and publication-ready figures

* ChemSketch can generate names for molecules of up to 50 atoms. For larger molecules, Name (Chemist Version) is available to purchase.

ACD/Spectrus Processor

  • All-in-one processing and interpretation software for NMR, LC/GC/UV/MS, IR, and other techniques
  • Support for data formats from most major instrument vendors
  • Assistance with routine chemical structure confirmation
  • Sophisticated reports in one click
ACD/Name (Chemist Version)

ACD/Name (Chemist Version)

  • Generate systematic chemical names for structures in accordance with IUPAC rules
  • Support for naming organic, biochemical, and inorganic structures
  • Stereoconfiguration and other name generation options can be set in the naming preferences
  • Generate names in English, German or French

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